Our vision

Innovation is a key driver of the mobility market

For the past 20 years, the mobility market has been driven by technological innovation. Companies such as G7 in France and Uber globally have built their ambitious and avant-gardist development on technology

However, technology is not sufficient to ensure transformation

Although technology is essential, it must be tackled as a tool to grow the business and not as an objective in itself : to achieve a deep and successful transformation plan, you must improve organisation, processes and tools

By sharing tools and competencies, taxi companies can ensure sustainable development

As the mobility market has become global and customer expectations have risen, the drivers professionalism is not sufficient to value a mobility service, companies need to integrate the best competencies and a strong ability to innovate.
For well-established but only local players, sharing high-level tools and competencies is the only way to compete with national and global competitors

Our team


Serge METZ

In 25 years managing G7 in Paris, Serge Metz has multiplied the size of the fleet by 6 and the revenues by 80 to turn the company in the biggest and most profitable of the european taxi companies. After competing against Uber and bring G7 back to growth, Serge is convinced that traditional mobility companies can rely on many assets. He is now eager to work closely with other mobility operators to help them boost their operations

And a team of dynamic managers and experts with a great experience of the mobility industry and innovation (marketing, engineering, training, graphic design, etc.)