Serge Metz : “Competition is getting distorted”
1 week ago
Serge Metz, founder of Fleetizen and ex-CEO of G7 from 1988 to 2017, is a pillar of the Paris mobility sector. He agree with collective action and has testified for, notably on the subject of the meteoric transformation of Parisian taxis, which compete with the VTC.   Read the article The main growth for VTCs...
Newsletter July 2020
1 week ago
EDITO Hi, In a few months, and without preparation, we had to reorganise our teams, our offer, our way of working, find financing, reassure our employees, our drivers and our customers, answer their legitimate questions, propose new services, communicate about an exceptional situation, review all our projects. And many other tasks too. Each boss, each...
Newsletter June 2020
3 weeks ago
EDITO : Wake up  Tough times for all of us. At the best, we recover about 50% of the number of rides we used to handle. It's time to launch a reset : diversify your offer, while keeping in mind that innovation and level of service will be key, conquer new clients, even smaller, develop...
Newsletter May 2020
9 months ago
EDITO Hi, After 2 difficult months for taxis, our industry will be affected in the medium term by the crisis that hits our traditional partners : hotels,  restaurants, showrooms, airports, train stations... Because we're not going to accept that situation and leave our companies at risk, Fleetizen has though of a few potential opportunities to stimulate the...