How do you reinvent your cab center after lockdown?
9 months ago
Wake up  Tough times for all of us. At the best, we recover about 50% of the number of rides we used to handle. It's time to launch a reset : diversify your offer, while keeping in mind that innovation and level of service will be key, conquer new clients, even smaller, develop a new...
Lockdown: the hard blow (to overcome) for the cab
12 months ago
The immobility industry France, Ireland and Wales are locked down again, other countries will follow soon. Restrictions to mobility affect all Europe. We all know what it means for our businesses : try and keep our head above the water by seeking all opportunities and... rely on governmental subsidies if possible. How to address that new wave?...
Developing the cab industry despite the crisis
1 year ago
EDITO Hello, We were waiting for September to see some upturn... but it hasn't shown up. Despite the slight recovery of tourism during summer, it quickly decreased. Companies are still expecting more visibility and they have re-organised their services to reduce sanitary risks of their employees. By all accounts, given the advances in research to find vaccines and...
The secret to a successful post-lockdown cab fleet recovery
1 year ago
Recovery after lockdown After 2 difficult months for taxis, our industry will be affected in the medium term by the crisis that hits our traditional partners : hotels,  restaurants, showrooms, airports, train stations... Because we're not going to accept that situation and leave our companies at risk, Fleetizen has though of a few potential opportunities to stimulate...
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