October 2020
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The immobility industry

France, Ireland and Wales are locked down again, other countries will follow soon. Restrictions to mobility affect all Europe. We all know what it means for our businesses : try and keep our head above the water by seeking all opportunities and… rely on governmental subsidies if possible.

How to address that new wave? Adapt and develop the service offer, connecting with partners. By now, we all know about the opportunity of the rides to help the nursing staff. What else ?

The Swedes had a fantastic idea : taxis can ensure the logistics of the Covid testing system!
That’s the better way to avoid contacts and prevent the spread of the virus. All taxis are equipped and they have to apply a strict sanitary protocol.

Winter is coming… and Christmas too! Everybody wishes to be “free” again for Christmas, Why not offer a logistics service to merchants who will need to have their products delivered.  To avoid being overtaken by Amazon, at the most strategic time of the year, they need solutions. You can be part of it. With a little commercial effort and some well-thought grouping, it can be a good idea.

Get in touch with local authorities, regional health agencies, care centres, professionals of all kinds. In bulk, innovate and communicate!

We are free to discuss if you feel the need.

Good luck to all, November is going to be very long… but stay strong.

Team Fleetizen.




Once again it’s confidential but we’re allowed to say that it’s a platform
with about 1 000 drivers in a big European city 🙂

Work in progress on partnerships Taxis / Local authorities
If you are interested in taking part in the work group, you can to this email.

You want a demo? Contact us on our website  in the section “Contact” or by mail by clicking here: par email.



In fact, it is only one of the many features in the management of notifications…but it is an trending topic for Fleetizen so we’ll insist on this point.

To expand the use of the mobile application, you can add a download link in your operational SMS messages, either temporarily or permanently. Working closely with Taxis Verts, we are about to launch a testing phase in Brussels. We should find out a little more soon.



As seen above, we’re about to test adding a download link of the customer in operational SMS for clients who order by phone.

These SMS make part of a wider notifications system so that the customer can go through a smooth experience along the different steps of the ride : booking confirmation, driver at pick-up address, customer in car, end of ride, delays, driver replacement, etc.
Beyond SMS, we can use push notifications on smartphones, emails and calls by an operator (only for VIP clients and to solve major issues).

What objective in writing down and setting up these objectives ?

  • Improving the customer experience
  • Decreasing operational costs
  • Self-promotion of products and services
As for SMS, push notifications can wake up customers or promote credit card payments. Emails can promote new services or the social actions of your drivers. Your IVR (Interactive Voice Responder) can become a powerful self-promotion tool by adding messages before the booking funnel.Your options are numerous and it’s time to use these notifications in the best possible way !


A glimpse of the platform
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