Juin 2020
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Wake up 

Tough times for all of us. At the best, we recover about 50% of the number of rides we used to handle.

It’s time to launch a reset : diversify your offer, while keeping in mind that innovation and level of service will be key, conquer new clients, even smaller, develop a new network of business partners to keep on anchoring your company to your territory.

It’s also time to analyze your costs and rationalize them as much as you can : automatization of bookings and follow-up, ending some of your non-essential contracts. The most important investments : buiness development, quality, technology.

On the long run, we’ll come back to the previous business environment, and all the efforts you’ve been performing will have strengthened your company. Your city is the core of your activity whereas it’s only one point on a map for your biggest competitors. It’s time to show it.

Take care

The Fleetizen team



What have we been doing in June ?

We have been preparing the installation of our second client in July, we’ll be able to tell your more about that soon.

Of course, we keep on enhancing the Fleetizen digital platform and we’re launching campaigns with Taxis Verts to boost their mobile app bookings
(over 15 000 downloads as for now).



Your Corporate clients want flat rates for their specific rides ?

Easy with the Fleetizen platform, the option is available on the account of every client of your database, you just need to activate it for specific pick-up/destination addresses. When booking through your app, your website or by phone, the flat rates will be suggested to the customer and applied at the end of the ride.

Your Corporate clients are going to be addicted to that option !


The importance of local partnerships

As our traditional partners are still recovering, you can work on developing your network of local partners. Smaller and less profitable, but they can deepen your roots with your local environment and generate very interesting rides, especially in the tourism industry.

Who are these local partners ? How to reach them ? With what offer ?

Right below, you’ll find a list of different types of partners, in case you haven’t thought of some of them, and a few recommendations on how to get organized. 

Here is a dummy example of communications to reach out at potential partners, in this case for a castle welcoming tourists and hosts :
  • A flyer to reach out at the partner
  • An ad for them to display your services to their customers
Don’t hesitate to contact us to give you a hand.


If you’re not satisfied with your protective shields or if you still need some more, here is a solution found by Fleetizen for which we’ve negotiated discounts of 5 to 8% (we don’t earn a penny there). You can contact them on our behalf or we can do it for you.

– This crisis is affecting ridesharing services as much as taxis : Uber at –80% in Switzerland

– In Madrid, some taxi drivers ask for a limitation of the number of cabs operating at the same time, to reduce time loss and pollution, given the weak demand.

– We are not sure why people think it is a good idea but flying “taxis” are becoming a real objective… despite sustainable development and the energy challenge w’ere facing.

-Uber is testing a high-end service in Toulouse (France) : Uber Comfort.

Let’s use that crisis to get stronger and strengthen our network.

See you soon

A small overview of the platform
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