Mai 2020
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Recovery after lockdown

After 2 difficult months for taxis, our industry will be affected in the medium term by the crisis that hits our traditional partners : hotels,  restaurants, showrooms, airports, train stations…

Because we’re not going to accept that situation and leave our companies at risk, Fleetizen has though of a few potential opportunities to stimulate the demand and reinforce the relationship with your teams, your drivers and your customers. More info in the section “Best practice” below.

For Fleetizen, these 2 months have been intense and we’re happy to share the good news : the Fleetizen platform is now 100% live in Brussels ! More info in “Fleetizen News” section and a cool video to watch.

Take care.

The Fleetizen team



The Fleetizen digital platform is now 100% live in Brussels !

As the outcome of 2 and a half years of hard work, the Fleetizen platform now manages 100% of the rides of Taxis Verts and its 900 drivers in Brussels : mobile app, web booker, call center, butler, automatic answering machine.
Would you like a demo ? Contact us on our website in the “Contact” section or by email.

A quick overview of the platform



Promotional codes have become a standard of good client relationships. 

We wouldn’t recommend you to go bankrupt after sending thousands of them but we have 2 good examples of usage :

1. Targeted marketing actions to push for app downloads
2. Customer service : use these codes to make up for a problem a customer has faced

Fleetizen promotional codes system can be totally adapted to your needs : name, value, validity dates, maximum number of use, maximum number of use per customer, targeting a customer.

It’s time you try them !



After a difficult lockdown for all of us, we know that our business will be affected on the medium term. Several of our traditional customers and partners, such as hotels and airports, have totally or almost put their activity on hold.
Thus, we must seek for new opportunities by showing our agility and our professionalism, and by actively communicating to our networks.
Below, some suggestions of services you could offer to your customer base.


– The Covid-19 crisis has hit us hard but taxi drivers have shown a great sense of responsibility by helping care workers all around Europe such as here in he UK or there in Spain.
– On the contrary, Uber has set-up defective solutions to protect customers
An innovative idea to re-evaluate the price of taxi licenses in New-York
For your drivers’ in-vehicle protective shields, you should opt for polycarbonate instead of plexiglass, that gets broken more easily, as the most serious suppliers recommend (sorry, text in French)
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