Juin 2020
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Serge Metz, founder of Fleetizen and ex-CEO of G7 from 1988 to 2017, is a pillar of the Paris mobility sector.

He agree with collective action and has testified for, notably on the subject of the meteoric transformation of Parisian taxis, which compete with the VTC.


The main growth for VTCs and the basis for their differentiation is pricing.
On the one hand, this new competition has encouraged the Parisian taxi companies to reinvent themselves and has encouraged their digital transformation.
On the other hand, the Parisian taxi drivers have accompanied this transition by increasing the quality level of their service.
It is true that Uber has created jobs, but these jobs are precarious and many are not viable in the absence of public aid. This is why many Uber drivers are graduating to become taxi drivers and opening up new opportunities.
According to Serge Metz, the laws are too shy in relation to the reality of the issue  like the difficulties of workers called “self-employed”, in mobility as in other sectors. Because they have no control over the fixing of prices, these “self-employed” workers are totally dependent of the platforms and their rules.
Uber is a company that loses money, its shareholders loses money, but also the government loses money. “Competition is getting distorted”.
Author: fleetizen