March 2021
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Evaluate your strategy

A new mobility player has just announced its arrival in Europe in the first half of 2021: the Chinese giant Didi. Its priority markets are the UK, France and Germany. Competition in the BtoC market is likely to increase…

Do you feel ready? Have you defined a strategy to become the leader or keep your position on your coverage area?

If so, here are 3 simple and down-to-earth video tips, to make sure your strategy will work. Here is a summary of the SAF evaluation:
Suitability: does the strategy align with the external environment? (customers, competitors, market conditions & environmental aspects)
Feasibility: do you have the means, resources, skills and network to implement it?
Acceptability: is this strategy acceptable (or even desirable) for your drivers and partners? Will it mobilise your employees?

If the answer to any of these questions is not yes, your strategy may need to be refined or reviewed. If you are hesitating between several directions, don’t hesitate to ask your customers and your closest drivers for their point of view

The Fleetizen team




Our client “Taxis Verts” in Brussels has won the tender of offer to support transportations of patients 75+ for vaccinations

Congrats to them! To support that move, we’re adding some features to the platform (setting pick-up times depending on the vaccination schedule, specific patients notifications, importing files containing the schedules, etc.).



How can we tailor the service to the most strategic customers?

Because they order lots of rides, because they bring important fees to your platform, because you need to give the best image of your services, you can offer a more upscale and tailor-made service to your best customers.

You have many options for providing premium services:

  • Dispatch to the best drivers and VIP vehicles
  • Priority on bookings to guarantee availability
  • Priority in case of driver shortage and numerous orders
  • Specific notifications by SMS – driver dispatch, on site, possible delay, etc.
  • A wider service area
  • Systematic billing control
  • Premium status display in the app

It’s up to you to define the offer that best suits your best customers!



As seen above, you can create a high quality service by tailoring your service for the most important customers.

Beyond the automatic services you can provide, here are some suggestions to make them feel pampered:
  • A phone call to follow-up on their satisfaction
  • An annual handwritten greeting or thank you card
  • An occasional free ride
  • An invitation to an event (when allowed to)
  • Distribution of goodies or samples in vehicles (through partnerships with local brands)
  • Displaying their premium status in your mobile app
  • And many others


  • Taxis Verts won the tender of offer for vaccinations transportation of patients 75+ in Brussels
  •  The supreme court in UK decides that Uber drivers should be considered as employees
  •  Dubai taxis now have mini billboards. Ad displays change automatically depending on the target audience at the vehicle’s location.
  •  “Wheelchair accessible taxis are essential, they can be a lifeline”, says Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE speaking exclusively to TaxiPoint.
  • A community-first approach to deploying new mobility services. Sebastian Castellanos, a research lead at the New Urban Mobility alliance (NUMO) explains why it is essential to put communities at the heart of new mobility developments.
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