Novembre 2020
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Are we there yet ?

It has been 9 months since the world changed and our sector has been hit hard by the pandemic and the economic crisis. We are allowed to ask the question : are we there yet ?

This month, we have found a forecast of global mobility market. In a nutshell, we’ll have to wait until at least 2022 to get back to the turnover level of 2019.

Here are some figures:


Our observations :
-If the world market grows by 4% per year on average between 2017 and 2025, the growth is only 1.5% on average in Europe. 1.5% is the expected growth in France against 1.8% in the UK, 2.4% in Spain and only 1% in Germany.
-Important but not visible on this graph: the experts forecast a growth of 7.8% for rides ordered by digital tools against only 1.3% for other channels, by phone for instance.

You can contact us if you would like to have a breakdown of the figures or the report as a whole, so you can make your own conclusions.
In the meantime, here are ours :

1) We must prepare for a long return to normal, probably more than a year. This means a financial management focused on reducing costs.
2) To grow in the short and medium term, there is only one solution: gain market share, as global trend is not enough.
3) Digitalization is mandatory to take advantage of future growth

Good luck to all and try to enjoy Christmas as much as you can.

The Fleetizen team




We look forward to welcoming you at our stand on February 6th & 7th  2021,
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The ideal tool for a perfect Quality control 

The quality of service is based on a set of small details and key criterias : % of acceptance of ride offers, “on site” not located at pick-up address, average grade, request to abandon a ride, and many others.

Fleetizen has created the ideal tool for you to gather all of this information and allow you to reliably track drivers for each indicator: the leaders as well as those who need to improve their service.

The icing on the cake? the performances of each driver can be sent to them monthly, as a well-designed email, to compare to the average or to the objectives for your fleet.


Several criterias support your quality of service and the way your customers will appreciate their expérience:
1) the booking experience, whether by app, web or phone.
2) the driver contact
3) the cleanliness of the vehicle
4) on-board services
5) customer service

For each of the criterias above, you can implement tools and improvement actions: one-off driver training, continuous driver training, setting up reference systems, quality monitoring processes, improvement of the digital platform, automation. Project management and communication will be key in improving quality.

Customer service is a strong differentiating criteria between taxis and ride-hailing. In the absence of an expensive call centre, ride-hailers have set up highly responsive customer services. By automating bookings and the follow-up of tasks at the call centre, you will be able to generate margins, a small part of which could finance an efficient customer service.
Reminder: a customer for whom you’ve solved a problem efficiently will be more loyal than a customer who has never had any problem with your services.

Of course, quality is not your main concern for now, but preparing to improve it will allow you to bounce back better when business picks up again.


A glimpse of the platform
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