Juillet 2020
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after the excitement, some rest

In a few months, and without preparation, we had to reorganise our teams, our offer, our way of working, find financing, reassure our employees, our drivers and our customers, answer their legitimate questions, propose new services, communicate about an exceptional situation, review all our projects. And many other tasks too.
Each boss, each manager had to ensure the survival of his company. A fortiori in our mobility sector, one of the first to be affected.
We still have a lot of uncertainty about the recovery in September, but we already know that we will have to continue to fight to transform our companies in depth and strengthen them in the long term.In the meantime, let’s take the pressure off and rest our minds and bodies. Let’s take a step back to better analyze the situation. The September back-to-school season will be lively, so let’s be ready for it.Let’s get some rest.

The Fleetizen team




The strong growth in orders and payments by app

The sanitary crisis, a well-made mobile app and a well-structured communication have naturally led to
1) A nice increase in the number of orders per app, despite lower than normal volumes.
2) An even greater increase in the rate of payment per app to minimise contact

Reorganisation of cities in favour of taxis

We have seen several cities reorganise their roads to favour bicycles and bus lanes on strategic axes. These trends indirectly reinforce the taxi, which has a major advantage over the private car and its competitors.
Since this is in line with sustainable development policies, each of our companies can join this wave, for the good of all. This is a matter of local management for which we can have a real power.



Take into account the average rating of drivers and their rate of acceptance of races in the dispatch?

Wanting to favour the drivers who best promote your brand and your quality is natural.
With Fleetizen, you can configure the dispatch to increase their priority when several drivers are available.

Would you like a demo ? Contact us on our website in the “Contact” section or by email



Why your website needs to evolve in its content.

Your website is a showcase for your offer and your know-how. If that were all, a “static” website would be sufficient.

In fact, your website is much more than that:
– BtoB commercial tool
– BtoB and BtoC marketing tool
– Entry point for customer complaints
– Information centre for all your customers
– Driver information in certain situations
Even at mobile time, it remains consulted for certain needs or situations, only the channel changes.

How can you use it?

Create specific pages to accompany your sales or marketing operations, the “landing pages”, display important information in the form of an alert on your home page, accompany the implementation of new services, add complaint forms for your customers, offer a shopping price estimator, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for personalised advice.


  • The long-awaited recovery is still awaited for taxis, hopes are now pinned on September and the resumption of business, as here in Bordeaux.



  • “Zero-emission” makes its way in the taxi here in Rouen with a mini-fleet of 3 Tesla vehicles. We’re moving forward and that’s good.


  • Flying taxis are making more and more noise. We’ll see when we start discussing the ecological equation.
An overview of the plateform
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